The Creation Process

Sid's Story

Memory Blocks are hand crafted plaster, 6" x 8" x 1 1/4", finished to a porcelain-like quality, cracked to create an aged look and feel.


They are produced by a group of 30 emerging artists in Sid’s studio space in Vancouver, Canada.  Each Memory Block is made from hand-poured plaster.   Each tile is hand-painted by our artists who also apply different finishes, including silver and gold leafing.  Memory Blocks are then hand-stained to ensure the consistency of style through the different tiles.


We consider each Memory Block a piece of art. Each block passes through the hands of as many as five different artists who each add their unique skills to the creation process.   While there are many copies on the market that have the look of being mass produced, Sid Dickens Memory Block tiles are made individually and each tile requires hours of work to create.  Their style, the attached meaning and the creation process make each Memory Block an individual collectible treasure.







Handmade in Canada since 1994, Memory Blocks are the original collectible wall plaques.  Interactive and  timeless, the collection captures pieces of history as tangible, enchanting collectible art for modern life.

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