Religious Collection Retired Tiles

H09 Immaculate Heart - Chestnut (Black Frame)

H08 Immaculate Heart - Ivory (Black Frame)

H06 Crown of Thorns - Chestnut (Black Frame)

H05 Crown of Thorns - Ivory (Black Frame)

H03 Jesus Sacred Heart - Chestnut (Black Frame)

H02 Jesus Sacred Heart - Ivory (Black Frame)

IFW24 Agnella (White Frame)

IFW23 Leander (White Frame)

IFW22 Calista (Bisque Frame)

IFW21 Saviour (Bisque Frame)

IFB24 Agnella (Black-Brown Frame)

IFB23 Leander (Black-Brown Frame)

IFB22 Calista (Chestnut Frame)

IFB21 Saviour (Chestnut Frame)