1998 Collection Retired Tiles

T32 Ha

T31 Backgammon

T30 German Script

T28 Star

T27 Byzantine Pattern

T26 Fleur-de-Lis

T24 Chess Pawn

T23 Checker Board

T21 Trans

T20 Target

T19 Sacred Heart

T18 Script

T17 Tree of Life

T16 Piece of Italian Decorative Moulding

T15 Italian Decorative Moulding

T14 Decorative Moroccan Border

T13 Middle Eastern Moulding

T12 Alpha

T11 Liberty

T10 Musical Notation

T09 Floral Motif

T08 Friendship, Truth, Love

T07 Violin/Mandolin

T04 Music with Moulding

T03 Para

T02 Black Hearts with Script