Retired Tiles

T400 Lily (In-Store Only)

T436 Adornment (In Store Only)

T365 Harvest (Online Only)

T435 Adornment (Online Only)

T399 Lily (Online Only)

T334 Silver Wreath

T434 Christmas Joy

T433 Icon

T432 Rejoice

T431 Holly

T417 O Canada

T418 O Canada

T398 Christmas Magic

T397 Christmas Miracle

T396 Illumination

T382 Curiosity

T378 Masquerade

T362 The Messenger (pink back)

T361 Little Lamb

T360 Glad Tidings

T359 Brilliance

T358 Guardian Angel

T355 Wild One

T354 Gentlemen

T352 Crown of Daisies

SB06 Lullaby

SB05 The Joker

SB04 Wish

SB03 Sweets

SB02 Rocket

SB01 Graceful Swan

T348 Dear Mum

T347 Dear Mom

T346 Alabaster

T345 Hibiscus

T344 Poseidon

T343 Love in Idleness

T342 Daphne

T340 Halcyon

T339 Bliss

T338 Honeycomb

T337 Tulips

T332 Transformation (pink back)

T333 Transformation

B24 Carousel (Midnight)

B23 Fortress (Midnight)

B22 Screen Passage (Midnight)

B21 Royal Fern (Midnight)

B20 Whole Heart (Midnight)

B19 Destiny (Midnight)

B18 Heraldry (Midnight)

B17 Tree of Life - Evolution (Midnight)

B16 Chess King (Midnight)

B15 Paris (Midnight)

B14 Harlequin (Midnight)

B13 Wing (Midnight)

T331 Menorah

T330 Golden Angel

T329 Christmas Morning

T328 Sweet Prayer

T327 Guidance

T326 Destination

T325 Chivalry

T323 Delphinus

T322 Shadowplay

T321 Phoenix

T320 Carousel

T319 Rosarium

T318 Constance

T317 Tattoo

AT86 Home Shield - 20th Anniversary

AT79 Eternity - 20th Anniversary

AT59S Princess - 20th Anniversary (Silver)

AT59G Princess - 20th Anniversary (Gold)

AT58S Prince - 20th Anniversary (Silver)

AT58G Prince - 20th Anniversary (Gold)

AP46 Coloured Pinnacles - 20th Anniversary

AP11 Medieval Script - 20th Anniversary

T314 Delft Blue

T313 Rock Star

T312 Perennial

T311 Girl

T310 All-Seeing Eye

T309 Gratitude

T308 Compassion

T307 Fanfare

T305 My Angel

T304 Volare

T303 Fortress

T302 Bacchus

T299 Teacup

T297 Springtime in Paris

T296 Secret Garden

T295 Mandala

T293 Sri Vasta

T292 Heart

T291 Enlightenment

T290 Rose

T289 Knave of Spades

T288 Treasures

I24 Agnella

I23 Leander

I22 Calista

I21 Saviour

T286 The Healer

T284 Boy

T280 Golden Apple

T279 Curio

T278 Dream Weave

T277 An Angel's Message

T276 Celebration

T274 Water Dance

T273 Ace of Hearts

T272 Fledgling

T271 Whole Heart

T270 Hidden Truth

T269 Child of Light

T268 Equinox

T267 Mystic Love

T266 Promise

T264 Opera 1827

T263 Gate to Paradise

T262 En La Kesh

T261 Faerie Flowers

T260 Festina Lente

T259 Ancient Bloom

T258 Iris Royale

T257 Conundrum

T256 Winged Sage

T255 Cavalry

T254 New Beginnings

T253 Hourglass

T252 Ancient Thorn

T250 Odyssey

T249 Fragment

T248 Awakening

T247 Impression

T246 Celeste

T245 The Seeker

T244 Wandering Rose

T243 Enigma

T242 Medina

T241 Harmony

T240 Chantilly

T239 Rococo

T238 Jardin

T237 Pomponette

T235 Sovereign Bloom

T234 Intro

T233 Hidden Garden

T232 Interlude

T231 Sentinel

T230 Rascal

T229 Nexus

T228 Divine Mercy

T227 Still Life

T226 Purity

T225 Nocturne

T224 The Cloak

T223 Cecilia

T222 Once a Paragon

T221 Imps

T220 Life's Tale

T219 Camelia

T218 Lexicon

T217 Yesterday

T216 Moment

T214 Belonging

T213 Angelic Spirit

T212 Divine Love

T211 Tatau

T210 Phoenix

T209 Corridor

T208 Ace of Spades

T207 Star of Zanzibar

S207 Star of Zanzibar (Silver)

T206 Amour

S206 Amour (Silver)

T205RED Destiny (Red Heart)

S205 Destiny (Silver)

T204 Heraldry

S204 Heraldry (Silver)

T203 Regale

T202 Epistle

T201 Concord

T200 Chambre

T199 Imperial Column

T198 Naturlich

T197 Coat of Arms

T196 The Gift

S196 The Gift (Silver)

T195 Quill

T194 Applique

S194 Applique (Silver)

T193 Virtue

S193 Virtue (Silver)

T192 Opaque

S191 Tree of Life - Evolution (Silver)

T190 Empress

T189 Victory

S189 Victory (Silver)

T188 Tapestry

T187 Passage

S187 Passage (Silver)

T186 Tablet

T185 Perfume

T184 Cerulean Sea

T183 Acanthus

T182 Aquamarine

T181 Enchantment

T180 Storybook

T179 Divinity

T178 The Kiss

T177 Watermark

T176 Moon Shell

T174 Dido

T173 Limoge

T172 Vincennes' Roses

T171 Rose Pompadour

T170 Rouen

T169 Porcelain Royale

T168 Spirit of the Season

T167 Swallow

T166 Unicorn

T165 The Clasp

T164 Midnight Star

T163 Flower Rosette

T161 Queen of Hearts

T160 Rosette

T159 Club

T158 King of Hearts

T157 Gameboard

T156 Crown

T155 Newton

T154 Black Spade

T153 Morning Birds

T152 Crimson Bird

T151 Stone Leaf

T150 Lemon

T149 The Letter

T148 Mystic Bloom

T147 Chronicle

T146 Reflection

T145 Versailles Tulip

T144 Dahlia

T143 Country Roses

T142 Mozart

T141 Sonnet

T140 Musique

T139 Butterfly

T138 Melody

T137 Divine Gift

T136 Shepherd

T135 Pear

T134 Cherubim

T133 Serenity

T132 Messenger

T131 Aphrodite's Apple

T130 Devotion

T129 Blessings

T128 Winged Sun

T127 Opera

T126 Embleme

T124 Fortitude

T122 Labyrinth

T121 Hermes

T120 Sovereign

T119 Time and The Maiden

T118 Bird in Flight

T117 History

T116 Peony

T115 Laurel

T114 Wild Rose

T113 Twin Blossom

T112 Postmark

T111 Green Leaf

T110 Grapes

T108 Guardian

T107 Damask

T106 Virgin Mary

T105 Golden Fig

T103 Pure Gold

T102 Mosaic

T101 1819

T100 Plums

T99 Black Lace

T97 Golden Bough

T96 Herald

T95 Fleurs

T94 Musica

T93 Monaco

T92 Alabaster Roses

T91 Secret Flower

T90 Blush

T89 Trademark

T88 Love Shield

T87 Regal Stars

T86 Home Shield

T85 L & R Flower

T84 Theater Fleur-De-Lis

T83 Adagio

T82 A (Aristocrat)

T81 Innocence

T80 Pride

T79 Eternity

T78 The Cross

T77 The Embrace

T76 Child's Gaze

T69 Taj Flowers

T70 Papyrus

T71 Family Crest

T72 Leaves

T73 Sconce

T74 Gate

T75 Two Sisters

T68 Lotus

T67 Astrology

T65 Taj Flowers

T64 Roulette

T63 Family Crest

T62 Papyrus

T61 Coin

T60 Leaf Swirl

T59 Princess

T58 Prince

T57 Leaves

T56 Spade

T55 Postage Stamp

T54 Indian Lace

T52 Gate

T50 Star of David

T49 Cherish

T48 Sebastian

T47 Madonna

T46 Angel (Gold)

T00 Millenium

T43 Shell

T42 Rusted Floral

T40 Iron Child

T39 Gothic Lace

T38 Versailles

T37 Cast Iron Crest

T36 Apollo With Moulding

T35 Medieval Rose

T34 Garden Gate

T33 Angel's Wing

T32 Ha

T31 Backgammon

T30 German Script

T28 Star

T27 Byzantine Pattern

T26 Fleur-de-Lis

T24 Chess Pawn

T23 Checker Board

T21 Trans

T20 Target

T19 Sacred Heart

T18 Script

T17 Tree of Life

T16 Piece of Italian Decorative Moulding

T15 Italian Decorative Moulding

T14 Decorative Moroccan Border

T13 Middle Eastern Moulding

T12 Alpha

T11 Liberty

T10 Musical Notation

T09 Floral Motif

T08 Friendship, Truth, Love

T07 Violin/Mandolin

T04 Music with Moulding

T03 Para

T02 Black Hearts with Script

PQ48 Fleur-De-Lis

PQ46b Coloured Pinnacles

PQ45 Musical Notation

PQ43 Medieval Rose

PQ40 Love and Sacred Heart (Black)

PQ39 Love and Sacred Heart (Red)

PQ36 Floral Motif

PQ35 Byzantine Pattern

PQ34 German Script

PQ33b Ivy Leaf - Gold

PQ33 Ivy Leaf - Silver

PQ32 Ha

PQ31 Backgammon

PQ30 The Hand of Benelovence

PQ29 Harlequin With Moulding

PQ28 Star

PQ27 Decorative Moroccan Border

PQ26 Fleur-De-Lis

PQ25 Queen (Silver)

PQ24 Chess Pawn

PQ23 Checker Board

PQ22 King (Silver)

PQ21 Treble Clef

PQ20 Target

PQ19 Sacred Heart Red

PQ18 Sacred Heart Black

PQ17 Tree Of Life

PQ16 Piece of Italian Decorative Moulding

PQ15 Piece of Italian Decorative Moulding

PQ14 Piece of Italian Decorative Moulding

PQ13 Italian Decorative Moulding

PQ12 European Stud Brand

PQ11 Medieval Script

PQ10 Stripe With Script And Seal

PQ09 Stripe

PQ08 Script

PQ07 50's Stamp

PQ06 Alpha

PQ05 Para

PQ04 Black Hearts

PQ03 Red Hearts

PQ02 Black Hearts With Script

PQ01 Red Hearts With Script

N27 Postage Stamp

N26 Versailles

N25 Chess Pawn

N24 Angel

N23 Sacred Heart

N22 Taj Flowers

N21 Heart & Crown

N20 Leaves

N19 Chess King

N18 Leaf Swirl

N17 Coin

N16 Wing

N15 Princess

N14 Prince

N13 Violin/Mandolin

N09 Harlequin with Moulding

N06 Liberty

N05 Alpha

N04 Fleur-De-Lis

N01 Hearts with Script

M12 Floral Motif

M11 Friendship, Truth, Love

M10 Italian Moulding

M09 Harlequin with Moulding

M08 Script

M07 Trans

M06 Liberty

M05 Alpha

M04 Fleur-De-Lis

M03 German Script

M02 Middle Eastern Moulding

M01 Hearts with Script

B12 Floral Motif

B11 Friendship, Truth, Love

B10 Italian Moulding

B09 Harlequin with Moulding

B08 Script

B07 Trans

B06 Liberty

B05 Alpha

B04 Fleur-De-Lis

B03 German Script

B02 Middle Eastern Moulding

B01 Hearts with Script

I20 Neptune

I19 Sarah

I18 Antonia

I17 Two Sisters

I16 Narcissus

I15 Duchess

I14 Crowned Princess

I13 Crowned Prince

I12 Fresco Boy

I11 Eve with Border

I10 Renaissance Grace with Border

I08 French Chancellor

I07 Mother and Child with Border

I06 St. Michael

I05 Mother and Child

I04 Jeweled Gown

I03 St. Michael with Border

I02 Angelic Boy

I01 Renaissance Grace

















HC13 Immaculate Heart - Chestnut (Chestnut Frame)

HC12 Crown of Thorns - Chestnut (Chestnut Frame)

HC11 Jesus Sacred Heart - Chestnut (Chestnut Frame)

H09 Immaculate Heart - Chestnut (Black Frame)

H08 Immaculate Heart - Ivory (Black Frame)

HCQ07 Immaculate Heart - Bisque (Bisque Frame)

H06 Crown of Thorns - Chestnut (Black Frame)

H05 Crown of Thorns - Ivory (Black Frame)

HCQ04 Crown of Thorns - Bisque (Bisque Frame)

H03 Jesus Sacred Heart - Chestnut (Black Frame)

H02 Jesus Sacred Heart - Ivory (Black Frame)

HCQ01 Jesus Sacred Heart - Bisque (Bisque Frame)

IFW24 Agnella (White Frame)

IFW23 Leander (White Frame)

IFW22 Calista (Bisque Frame)

IFW21 Saviour (Bisque Frame)

IFB24 Agnella (Black-Brown Frame)

IFB23 Leander (Black-Brown Frame)

IFB22 Calista (Chestnut Frame)

IFB21 Saviour (Chestnut Frame)

SZ12 Sagittarius (Silver)

SZ11 Scorpio (Silver)

SZ10 Libra (Silver)

SZ09 Virgo (Silver)

SZ08 Leo (Silver)

SZ07 Cancer (Silver)

SZ06 Gemini (Silver)

SZ05 Taurus (Silver)

SZ04 Aries (Silver)

SZ03 Pisces (Silver)

SZ02 Aquarius (Silver)

SZ01 Capricorn (Silver)

HGH1 Home of Good Hope

AH5 Atlas Heart 5

AH4 Atlas Heart 4

AH3 Atlas Heart 3

AH2 Atlas Heart 2

- Friends For Life

2012 Olympics - Special Edition

AH1 Atlas Heart 1

CHN1 Heart of Gold

EAS1 Embrace a Star

TT1 Travelling Tile

SEA Season

GA01C Alchemy

GA02C Heraldry

TAB05Q Sea Petals - Bisque

TAB05BC Sea Petals - Black

TAB04Q Coral - Bisque

TAB04BC Coral - Black

TAB03Q Seed Pod - Bisque

TAB03BC Seed Pod - Black

TAB02Q Flower Pod - Bisque

TAB02BC Flower Pod - Black

TAB01Q Tree of Life - Bisque

TAB01BC Tree of Life - Black