Christmas Magic
Christmas Magic
In anticipation of his arrival,
the children are laying out the tradition.
...sshhh, what's that we hear?

Name: Christmas Magic
Collection: 2017 - Holiday Collection
Tile #: T398
Price: $98
Status: Retired
Size: 6x8 in.

About this Collection

As a tradition, Sid Dickens has presented special Holiday Memory Blocks. This year, Sid created "Christmas Magic" with the ever-popular jolly Santa Claus dashing through the snow while bearing his gifts and spreading holiday cheer! Joining "Christmas Magic" is a cherubic angel called "Illumination." The heavenly angel bestows warmth and comfort upon others with her watchful gaze. Alongside Sid's festive Memory Blocks is a piece called "Christmas Miracle." This Memory Block of mother and child celebrates divine miracles.

Please note, the Holiday 2016 Collection will retire on December 1st, 2016. Orders must be received by 4PM PST that day.