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Holiday 2014 Limited Edition - only available until 4PM PST on December 1st, 2014

Retired: 2014

Name: Menorah
Collection: 2014 - Holiday Collection
Tile #: T331
Status: Retired
Size: 6x8 in.

About this Collection

This winter, Sid Dickens is proud to introduce this limited-edition Holiday Collection to warm your home with traditional charm.

The entire collection is gilded with a new gold-trimmed edge. In the Christmas Morning block, the classic image of a jolly St. Nicholas evokes the sound of laughter and good will to be celebrated all year around. Guidance and Sweet Prayer are tender portraits exemplifying the simple, loving spirit of the season present in a child's heart. The Menorah block honours the everlasting light of this same loving spirit which shines within us, as all the world is united in peace at this time of year.

This warm collection will lend a distinct holiday feel to your home this season as you celebrate with family and friends. Each block is like a postcard from the past, holding memories of this year to be enjoyed for many holidays to come.