Cerulean Sea
Cerulean Sea
In the mysterious cerulean sea all the people's tears were resurrected as luminous pearls of discovery.

Retired: 2008

Name: Cerulean Sea
Collection: 2007 - Spring : Fable
Tile #: T184
Status: Retired
Size: 6x8 in.

About this Collection

Sid Dickens’s “Fable” arrives with a breath of optimism, lending warmth and enchantment to this Spring 2007 collection.

Continuing to surprise with his infinite variations, Sid now inspires us with a new element. Each presenting its own unique image within the collection, these seven Memory Blocks are offered up as pages in a modern day fable.

This collection conjures narratives of romance and mystery from times past. “Storybook”, the cornerstone tile of the collection, evokes the promise of “Once upon a time…”, nostalgic lettering on yellowed parchment bound by Dickens’ signature scroll. The tale is completed with his beloved alphabet of pattern, foliage and rusted iron.

Dickens brings us a fairy-tale of the heart, fragments inviting us to imagine our own treasured stories.