More coveted, and costlier than gold,
Every Paris princess or mistress Wanted tea in Limoge.

Retired: 2007

Name: Limoge
Collection: 2006 - Spring : Pompadour
Tile #: T173
Status: Retired
Size: 6x8 in.

About this Collection

Opulence, grace, and lighthearted romance characterized the aristocratic style of 18th century France. Porcelain was the craze. People of the day were obsessed with the beautifully translucent, shiny white or creamy ceramic. The secret formulas for the brightly colored glazes, and the mysterious Arcanum for turning clay into the white gold of porcelain, was a story of power, passion and espionage.

Inspired by this royal accessory, each tile in this spring’s “Pompadour” Collection reflects the highly refined elegance of XV11th century French porcelain. From delicately painted tea services to massive urns in the palace of Versailles, this most coveted and costly art form stirred the passions and the imaginations of its wealthy collectors. Just as today, Sid Dickens’ talent for giving life to distant stories magically captures the passions of his own collectors.