Divine Gift
Divine Gift
At the heart of giving is an effortless love.
The miracle born between Mother and Child.

Retired: 2003

Name: Divine Gift
Collection: 2003 - Holiday Collection
Tile #: T137
Status: Retired
Size: 6x8 in.

About this Collection

This Holiday 2003 Collection expresses the personal desire of the artist Sid Dickens to honour his wish for peace in the individual hearts of humanity.

Traditionally, the celebrations of December marked the sun's return from its furthest point of orbit from the earth. This season Dickens is particularly sensitive to the need of people for trust, and optimism that light will be restored to our collective future. These Memory Blocks focus our hearts on images that invite peace within, just as the powerful rays of the sun return to nurture and empower the earth.

From all of us here at Sid Dickens Inc., we wish you the best of the season as we celebrate and embrace together a season of warmth in which to melt the heart of winter.