Pure Gold
Pure Gold

Precious Gold Radiant Glory in this coffered ceiling guilded with heaven's light.

Retired: 2003

Name: Pure Gold
Collection: 2002 - Fall Collection
Tile #: T103
Status: Retired
Size: 6x8 in.

About this Collection

In a world of flux and uncertainties, courage is required. The courage of timeless human values such as love and faithfulness, honour and virtue. These simple expressions of the human spirit in its most exhalted nature form the genesis of Sid Dickens' Fall Collection.

In a secular world, Sid is unafraid to turn his gaze to the threshold of what is divine and holy within each one of us. He presents us with clean, unadorned iconic figures. Selected from amongst his favourite images, these figures convey in a language older than words, the symbolic essence of healing archetypes relevant to the world today.

This collection continues to focus on colour, tonally rich and resonant with Renaissance harmonies. The subtle relief of Sid Dickens' singular intaglio assures the client of each tile's authenticity.

We at Sid Dickens Inc. are proud to present this collection in a spirit of optimism and belief for the awakening of courage and a new life for all humankind.