Tree of Life - Evolution (Silver)
Tree of Life - Evolution (Silver)
Winter is the season to dream the beginning.
Like this great tree we are all rooted in the earth.
Ever changing, ever growing.

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Name: Tree of Life - Evolution (Silver)
Collection: 2007 - Fall : Odyssey
Tile #: S191
Price: $98
Status: Available For Purchase
Size: 6x8 in.
About this Collection

For his Fall 2007 Collection, Sid Dickens revisits his past, guided by the passage of time and life's experiences. His personal odyssey as an artist entrusts the collector with intimate glimpses of living, contrasted with the vastness of being alive.

Utilizing new techniques and finishes, Sid boldly refurbishes some of his classics. The much-loved Tree of Life is just one of the tiles given a lustrous redefining and boost of character. The brilliant results of Sid's home studio work are evident in the spectacular sterling finish that layers selected tiles. This hand-buffed surface accentuates and adds to an already original and abundant collection.

The individual's path through life, the metamorphosis of the soul; the "Odyssey" collection uncovers and rediscovers. Old favourites, new alternatives and beautiful originals provide this collection with a life of its own.