Embrace a Star
Embrace a Star
Name: Embrace a Star
Year: 2011

Sid created these tiles in collaboration with Canuck Place Children's Hospice, which provides care for young people with life-threatening illnesses in British Columbia. The stars at the centre of the tile were painted by the children of Canuck Place and their families during one of Sid's visits to the hospice. Sid then placed the stars back inside the tiles and finished them at his studio. These pieces were featured as centrepieces at the Gift of Time Gala and auctioned at the event. Sid's idea for this piece is that every child is a star, whose presence adds a special sparkle to the world. The meaning on the back reads:

"It is an impossible task to choose a single star shining in the night as the brightest or most beautiful. Each is as magical and unique as the facets of a precious stone, reminding us of the strength and wonder in even the smallest of us."

Name: Embrace a Star
Collection: Featured Tiles
Tile #: EAS1
Price: $0
Status: Retired
Size: 6x8 in.

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