Harlequin (Midnight)
Harlequin (Midnight)
Open your eyes to the darkness;
A glimmer of magic shines,
As the imagination comes alive.

Midnight Collection pieces are limited edition and are only available to order until October 31st, 2014 (4PM PST).

Retired: 2014
Name: Harlequin (Midnight)
Collection: 2014 - Midnight Collection
Tile #: B14
Status: Retired
Size: 6x8 in.

About this Collection

As the nights grow longer, autumn's shadow of mystery is cast like a spell upon the mind. In the playful spirit of this season of tricks and treats, Sid Dickens presents The Midnight Collection; available until October 31st,  2014.

Humans have long been fascinated with the supernatural and the paranormal, topics which have recently had a resurgence in popularity in movies and books about vampires and other fantastical creatures. Amongst the cheerful, romantic images in Sid's work, he has also always been interested in a dark, gothic style and had a curiosity with mysterious occult imagery and magic, finding joy in a good laugh as much as in a good scare.

This limited-edition collection came about organically: Sid has been experimenting with various black finishes on Memory Blocks for years, but until now they have only floated around as prototypes. Our office staff was asked to pick their favourite tiles to display on their desks, and when Andy excitedly chose a set of these all-black prototypes, Sid suddenly saw them come together as a new kind of collection. The finish is matte with an added wax, creating a more multidimensional look. These tiles are sure to stand out as contrasting accents in your existing Memory Block collection, or make a dramatic, modern looking set of their own.

In darkness, the imagination is unleashed. Do you dare explore the recesses of your dreams to see what's on the other side?