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Company Profile

Sid Dickens’ iconic Memory Blocks have been propelled to the forefront of contemporary decorative design by an uncompromising devotion to imagination and beauty. By fusing the highest craftsmanship sensibilities with the most appropriate technical advances and material palette, Sid Dickens is able to create unique, timeless designs with the power to transform any environment.

Sid Dickens Inc. is a Canadian design and manufacturing company renowned for its craftsmanship and unique decorative tiles named Memory Blocks. The brand's backbone is an extensive line of 6” x 8” plaster tiles, finished to porcelain-like quality with a crackle effect  or alternatively in weathered stone that combine stylish historical motifs with the finest materials and detailing. In addition to its standard Memory Blocks collection, Sid Dickens’ product range includes Limited Edition blocks, Gameboards, and Tablets.

Artist and designer Sid Dickens founded his eponymous brand in Vancouver in 1994 after experimenting with different techniques and discovering a unique new product.

Since then, his core principles and endless imagination have informed the development of every single design in the studio’s 20-year history. These products continue to evolve with time while withstanding trends in design — each one carrying the underlying uniqueness that is distinctly “Sid Dickens.”

“I started assembling small pieces together and marrying many different ideas into one piece – like a very versatile jigsaw puzzle - with the purpose of achieving a more accessible and affordable way to bring art into people's homes.” “Through arrangement, super imposing, embossing, blurring, layering…I reanimate the two dimensional world and make it three dimensional again, bringing places, times, faces and feelings to a tactile reality”. - Sid.

From a particular piece of history, iconic imagery from the past or whimsical motifs, Sid Dickens creates a poetic array of affordable wall displays that become the heart of any home. Sid’s art of combining a story-teller soul, savvy business sense and his alchemist mind, encapsulates all his work. A work brought to life by an honest and stringent work ethic gained during his childhood working with a long family tradition of fishermen at a hardy coastal town in Northern British Columbia.

Challenging the current trend in outsourcing production, Sid Dickens is committed to offering the best quality by manufacturing all products at his Production Studio. Sid Dickens Inc.

 has been successfully operating for over 20 years from its head office in Vancouver, which  houses its warehouse, production facility and also Sid Dicken's city studio. Sid Dickens, founder and Creative Director has his main studio in the remote island of Haida Gwaii on the edge of the Pacific Ocean - an ideal scenario with inspirational views and a calming atmosphere to support his endless creativity.

At Sid Dickens, we believe that the right object can transform any environment into a powerful sensorial experience. We are committed to creating lasting and accessible decorative Memory Blocks that provide a unique emotional storyboard to our clients and a lifetime of inspiration.

Although we operate following the principles of craftsmanship, we also understand the importance of responding efficiently to the speed and functionality of contemporary business culture. We operate using advanced technologies in 3D modelling to finesse designs, and we only keep pre-ordered inventories which are ready-to-ship and

delivered by an effective department committed to quickly respond to any international orders – shipped to the US and Canada within two weeks of an order.


Sid Dickens Inc. trades internationally through a channel of over 500 reputable retailers world-wide or directly through its own online shop serving the US and Canadian customers, with operations entirely based in Canada.

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Handmade in Canada since 1994, Memory Blocks are the original collectible wall plaques.  Interactive and  timeless, the collection captures pieces of history as tangible, enchanting collectible art for modern life.

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