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Sid Dickens offers Memory Blocks as a protected line. Our retailers are able to build an audience of collectors in their areas by offering the latest styles and approachable displays. Memory Blocks make great gifts for many occasions and your customers can personalize their displays by grouping them in a variety of configurations and quantities. Highly collectible, the line offers affordable art that collectors will return for over and over throughout the years.

A sample of display options for Memory Blocks from our family of retailers

To find out about representing Sid Dickens Memory Blocks in your area, contact the studio by calling 800.677.7808

"Crafted Decor has been carrying Sid Dickens Memory Blocks since 1999. I first saw them at America's Mart in Atlanta in 1998 and I sat on the fence for a whole year before I decided to take the plunge - and I am so glad I did! You will always have a Sid collector with a birthday or an occasion they would like a tile for. I have found in this tough, competitive market you have to find suppliers that have something unique AND offer geographic protection for that product.  Sid Dickens understands the longevity, desirability, and collectability of his work is in part because it is NOT sold everywhere. Another added bonus is that they are Canadian made."


Crafted Décor,

Mississauga, ON





  "De memory blocks van Sid Dickens vormen een heel speciale kunstvorm. Deze Canadese kunstenaar, gefascineerd door de Europese cultuur, ontwerpt handvervaardigde tableaus (15 bij 20 cm) uit de Renaissance, Baroque en Roccoco periode. Met afbeeldingen van het Midden-Oosten tot Babylon, Londen en Parijs, alles geïnspireerd door kunst, muziek, mystieke symbolen, the tarot, botanica en bord spelen."


"De Sid Dickens tableaus kan je naar eigen ideeën samenstellen aan de wand. Je kan starten met b.v. 2 en doorgaan tot een prachtig geheel is ontstaan, welke ook onderling te verwisselen zijn. De tableaus worden in oplage gemaakt. Ontzettend leuk om als cadeau te geven en te krijgen. Een groot deel van de collectie is te zien bij 't Maaseiker Woonhuys."


Maaseiker Woonhuys,

Maaseik, Belgium



"We have retailed Sid Dickens' Memory Blocks for the past 12 years, and can say with great pride that it is the "Best" line we sell.   It is easy to sell something when you love it yourself, so this line has proven to be very profitable for us.  The fact that Sid already has a following is another benefit to having this line in your store.  The team at Sid Dickens have been both supportive and encouraging of our efforts to be successful.  Their commitment to protect the line, and to back us up at the retail level has been invaluable.  We cannot say enough good things and strongly recommend the tiles as a superior product line."


The Red Hound,

Johns Creek, GA, USA





"Nooit zal ik het moment vergeten, toen ik 10 jaar geleden de tegels zag van Sid Dickens. Diep geraakt door schoonheid en verscheidenheid, wilde ik zoveel mogelijk weten over het verhaal hierachter en wist: die tegels wil ik voor mijn winkel."


"Altijd in de étalage en uitgebreid getoond aan de muren, worden veel mensen geraakt. Met liefde maak ik veel mensen uit hele land blij. Mijn klanten kunnen kiezen uit de grootste collectie van Sid Dickens."


Kunsjt, Mappel,






"Sid Dickens is one of our most treasured lines. We carry unique gifts and accessories from all over the world but have not had a better response to any line than we have had to Sid tiles. Our display, of over 100 tiles, is a constant source of awe from our clients. Because of the excellent customer service, the consistency and beauty in the product, and the overwhelmingly positive response from clients, Sid Dickens has become our most popular and sought after line."


Jordan Taylor,

Southlake, TX, USA








Handmade in Canada since 1994, Memory Blocks are the original collectible wall plaques.  Interactive and  timeless, the collection captures pieces of history as tangible, enchanting collectible art for modern life.

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